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Not Another "Giving Tuesday" E-mail

12/03/2019 09:07:18 AM


Dear Friends,

The workday has just begun and your inboxes have already been inundated with "Giving Tuesday" reminders; countless requests from every organization/institution that you've ever donated to and probably several that you've never even heard of.

We know that you do not appreciate such requests from any organization - even from us - so we will not waste your time with such conventional, aggressive, and desperate pleas for your support.

See, things on Sixth Street are different.

  • We understand that fundraising is best when combined with a specific message, particularly when it is not muted by scores of competing requests.
  • We are certain that you recognize how important your support is, how vital it is to our thoughtful and fun programming as well as to the upkeep of our beautiful 175 year old building, and that we don't even need to ask you to donate this Tuesday - or any Tuesday.
  • Finally, we know that you know that you can always click on our synagogue’s super special Giving Tuesday page to help us strengthen our unique legacy and continue our important work this Tuesday.


Happy Tuesday,

Your Friends at the Sixth Street Community Synagogue
(a 501c3 organization that accepts donations on the website, by check, by venmo @sixthstreetsynagogue, and/or cold hard cash).

Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780