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Masekhet Avot: Content, Theme, & Structure

Full Kaufmann Manuscript
Sayings of the Jewish Fathers (1917 Translation by Taylor)
The Patriarchate (Hillel I - Gamaliel VI)
House of Gamaliel Interpolation
Chronological Chart of Tannaim

Entire Text (with Kaufmann) of Chapter One
Brief Summary of Chapter One
Andiplosis of Chapter One
Chapter One Succession Chart
Blank Score Sheet - Chapter One
Bellino Score Sheet - Chapter One

Mishna 1 (Succession/Men of Great Assembly): Text, Standard Commentary Chart, External Sources
Mishna 2 (Simeon the Just): Text, External Sources
Mishna 3 (Antigonos of Sokho): Text, External Sources
Mishna 4 (Jose b. Joezer): Text
Mishna 5 (Jose b. Johanan): Text
Mishna 6 (Joshua b.  Perachia): Text
Mishna 7 (Mattai/Nittai of Arbela): Text
Mishna 8 (Judah b. Tabbai): Text
Mishna 9 (Simeon b. Shetach): Text
Mishna 10 (Shemaia): Text
Mishna 11 (Abtalion): Text
Mishna 12 (Hillel): Text
Mishna 13 (Hillel): Text
Mishna 14 (Hillel): Text
Mishna 15 (Shammai): Text
Mishna 16 (R. Gamliel I): Text
Mishna 17 (Simeon his Son): Text
Mishna 18 (R. Simeon b. Gamliel): Text

Entire Text (with Kaufmann) of Chapter Two

Mishna 1 (R. Judah the Patriarch): Text
Mishna 2 (R. Gamaliel III, his son): Text
Mishna 1 ("): Text



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