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Giving Tuesday

We are certain that you have been overwhelmed by "Giving Tuesday" reminders. These requests come from every organization/institution that you've ever supported and probably several that you've never even heard of.

We know that you do not appreciate such "reminders" from anyone. Even from us. 

We refuse to waste your time with this, because we believe that fundraising is best when combined with a specific message, particularly when it is not muted by scores of competing requests.

We are aware that you realize how important your support is, how vital your generosity is to the sustainability of your 80 year old synagogue in its 180 year old building. and that we don't need to ask you to donate this Tuesday or any Tuesday.

But just in case you are really frum about this "Giving Tuesday" thing...


Tue, December 6 2022 12 Kislev 5783