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Foundations of Judaism

Foundations of Judaism (Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 PM): A sensitive and sophisticated introduction to Judaism, intended for beginners, focusing on many of the ritual, legal, and philosophical basics of our faith.  Classes are taught by Rabbis Jason Herman, Yehuda Sarna, Joe Wolfson, and Gavriel Bellino.

Suggested Bibliography (Continually Updated)

Maimonides’ 13 Principles of Faith: Original Treatise, Paraphrased (Ani Maamin)Chart, Liturgical Summary (Yigdal)

Hebrew Reading
Pronunciation of ConsonantsPronunciation of VowelsVowelization Chart

Structure: Weekday PrayerShabbat StructureAmidah Structure, Amidah Cheat Sheet

Blessings: Definition, Four Types, Before Pleasure, Stimulus-Response (Koren), Stimulus Response (Artscroll)

Every Morning:
   Upon Waking (Modeh/Modah Ani) - Text, Audio
   Blessing on Hand-washing (Netillat Yadayim) - Text/Procedure, Audio
   Post-Bathroom Blessing (Asher Yatzar) - Text, Audio
   Blessings on Torah (Birkhot haTorah) - Text, Audio
   Identity/Appreciation Blessings (Birkhot haShachar) - Text, Audio 
   Shema Paragraph 1 - Text, Reading Audio, Cantillation Audio
    Amida Paragraphs 1-2 - Text, Audio (Weekday)

39 Prohibited Labors: Structure/Chart, Cheat Sheet
Shabbat Study Questions
Shalom Aleikhem Poem


Tue, June 2 2020 10 Sivan 5780