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Thought of Maimonides

Bibliography on Maimonides

12/03/2014 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy - Introduction Handout
12/10/2014 Maimonides' Legal Contribution -
               Preface to Mishna Torah, Outline of Mishna Torah
12/17/2014 Objections to Maimonides' Code - Objections Handout
01/07/2015 Philosophical Halacha -
               Hilkhot Yesodei HaTorah (Laws of Torah Fundamentals) Hebrew English
01/14/2015 Review of Metaphysics and Physics - Outline of Yesodei HaTorah
               Background on Astrology, Maimonides on Astrology
               Cosmology Chart
01/21/2015 Philosophical Halacha -
               Hilkhot Deot (Laws of Character Traits) Hebrew English
01/27/2015 Laws of Torah Study
02/04/2015 Laws of Idolatry
02/11/2015 No Class
02/18/2015 Laws of Repentance
02/25/2015 13 Principles of Faith
03/04/2015 No Class
03/11/2015 Highlights of the Guide

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