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The Real History of Giving Tuesday

11/30/2021 09:48:31 AM


Dear Friends,

The leadership of the Sixth Street Community Synagogue conceived of "Giving Tuesday" back in the early 1940s, after the newly-founded congregation enjoyed a rather materialistic "Cyber Monday." (The Wells Fargo Wagon was busy that year!) In truth, all of the "Giving Tuesday" reminders, that have undoubtedly inundated your inboxes, are our fault. Who could have known?

But 80 years later, we've learned a few things. 

  • We understand that fundraising is most effective when combined with a specific message, particularly when that message is not muted by scores of competing requests.
  • We are certain that you recognize how important your support is, how vital it is to our thoughtful and fun programming as well as to the upkeep of our beautiful 180 year old building, and that we don't even need to ask you to help us this Tuesday - or any Tuesday.
  • Finally, even if you were to contest our role in the invention of "Giving Tuesday," you must admit that we have - in fact - created a wonderfully unique, thoughtful, and refreshing synagogue experience; including, but not limited to, the Friday Night Kiddush, the Shkoyach beanie, the Shabbocktail, and so much more. Today is a great day to click on our synagogue’s super special Giving Tuesday page to support us for our originality and to help us strengthen our unique legacy as we continue our important work.


Happy (Giving) Tuesday,

Your Friends at the home of the Original Giving Tuesday, the Sixth Street Community Synagogue (a 501c3 organization that accepts donations on its website, by check, and by venmo @sixthstreetsynagogue. Cash is great too.)

Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784