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Mazals & Thanks

10/23/2019 02:26:17 PM


Simchat Torah 5780 was a great success!
We wish a Mazal Tov to our Simchat Torah Honorees. These five have greatly helped to enhance our synagogue, grown our community, and modeled scholarship, kindness, and devotion.
  • Daniel Gerschel, Kol HaNearim (Children's Aliyah)
  • Brenda Pace, Aderet Torah (Magnificence of the Torah)
  • Rav Andrew Scheer, Chattan Torah (Groom of the Torah)
  • Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Tiferet Bereishit (Glory of Creation)
  • Michael Mitzner, Chattan Beraishit (Groom of Creation)


We are grateful to our many Simchat Torah Sponsors:

  • Michelle Charnoff & Brian Polay who sponsored our Simchat Torah Keg.
  • Solomon Birnbaum, Dina & Kenneth Canfield, Agita & Jonathan Falik, Erin Scharfman, and Shelly & Elie Yudewitz, who sponsored our adult beverages.
  • Phyllis & Barnet Liberman who sponsored our supply of water, keeping us sufficiently hydrated.
  • The Lebewohl Family who sponsored our Yom Tov Candy Buffet.
  • Shelly & Elie Yudewitz who sponsored our Super Secret Pre-Hakafot Kiddush  and to Francesca & Dr. Micah Timen who sponsored our copious supply of Advil served at said Kiddush.
  • Alan "Bubbles" Schwartz who sponsored the Kids' Hakafa.
  • Daniella, Elie, & Joseph Bedros, Avi Beluca, Elizabeth Ehrlich & Leon Potok, Dr. Ava Liberman, Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Alan, Matan & Sarit Feder, Jackie & Donny Furst, Brenda Pace, Celine & Alexander Rohr, Pamela & Dr. Max Scheer, and Victoria Skolnick, who sponsored the Kiddush and endless snacks.


Finally, we are grateful to:

  • The many women who joined our Women's Torah Reading.
  • The many children who ate our candy, waved our flags, and danced at our Kid's Hakafah.
  • Dr. Ashira Lubkin and Tali Zilberman who organized our Women's Torah Reading.
  • Joey Baruh, Rabbi Gavriel Bellino, Ke$het Bellino (her first time!!!), Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Hava Munishor, Cori Ann Robinson, Tali Scheer, Chana Wolfson, Elie Yudewitz, and Susan Zilberman, who read the Torah.
  • Our Gabbaim, Choni Bellino, Brenda Pace, Shimmy Rapps, and Elie Yudewitz, who kept our services running (as smoothly as possible).
  • Rabbi Bellino, for his vision, leadership, and party planning
  • The several hundred of you who danced with our Torahs, drank our beer, joined our celebration, and continue to sustain and enhance our community.
Fri, January 24 2020 27 Tevet 5780