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Mazals & Thanks

10/23/2019 02:26:17 PM


Simchat Torah 5780 was a great success!
We wish a Mazal Tov to our Simchat Torah Honorees. These five have greatly helped to enhance our synagogue, grown our community, and modeled scholarship, kindness, and devotion.
  • Daniel Gerschel, Kol HaNearim (Children's Aliyah)
  • Brenda Pace, Aderet Torah (Magnificence of the Torah)
  • Rav Andrew Scheer, Chattan Torah (Groom of the Torah)
  • Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Tiferet Bereishit (Glory of Creation)
  • Michael Mitzner, Chattan Beraishit (Groom of Creation)


We are grateful to our many Simchat Torah Sponsors:

  • Michelle Charnoff & Brian Polay who sponsored our Simchat Torah Keg.
  • Solomon Birnbaum, Dina & Kenneth Canfield, Agita & Jonathan Falik, Erin Scharfman, and Shelly & Elie Yudewitz, who sponsored our adult beverages.
  • Phyllis & Barnet Liberman who sponsored our supply of water, keeping us sufficiently hydrated.
  • The Lebewohl Family who sponsored our Yom Tov Candy Buffet.
  • Shelly & Elie Yudewitz who sponsored our Super Secret Pre-Hakafot Kiddush  and to Francesca & Dr. Micah Timen who sponsored our copious supply of Advil served at said Kiddush.
  • Alan "Bubbles" Schwartz who sponsored the Kids' Hakafa.
  • Daniella, Elie, & Joseph Bedros, Avi Beluca, Elizabeth Ehrlich & Leon Potok, Dr. Ava Liberman, Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Alan, Matan & Sarit Feder, Jackie & Donny Furst, Brenda Pace, Celine & Alexander Rohr, Pamela & Dr. Max Scheer, and Victoria Skolnick, who sponsored the Kiddush and endless snacks.


Finally, we are grateful to:

  • The many women who joined our Women's Torah Reading.
  • The many children who ate our candy, waved our flags, and danced at our Kid's Hakafah.
  • Dr. Ashira Lubkin and Tali Zilberman who organized our Women's Torah Reading.
  • Joey Baruh, Rabbi Gavriel Bellino, Ke$het Bellino (her first time!!!), Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Hava Munishor, Cori Ann Robinson, Tali Scheer, Chana Wolfson, Elie Yudewitz, and Susan Zilberman, who read the Torah.
  • Our Gabbaim, Choni Bellino, Brenda Pace, Shimmy Rapps, and Elie Yudewitz, who kept our services running (as smoothly as possible).
  • Rabbi Bellino, for his vision, leadership, and party planning
  • The several hundred of you who danced with our Torahs, drank our beer, joined our celebration, and continue to sustain and enhance our community.
Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780