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Simchat Torah Honorees

10/17/2019 06:15:51 PM



Be sure to join us on the morning of Simchat Torah (10/22) as we honor the following five beloved Sixth Streeters.

Daniel Gerschel, Kol HaNearim (Children's Aliyah)
Brenda Pace, Aderet Torah (Magnificence of the Torah)
Rav Andrew Scheer, Chattan Torah (Groom of the Torah)
Dr. Ashira Lubkin, Tiferet Bereishit (Glory of Creation)
Michael Mitzner, Chattan Beraishit (Groom of Creation)

These five have greatly helped to enhance our synagogue, grown our community, and modeled scholarship, kindness, and devotion.

Following services there will be a delicious kiddush in their honor. Mazel Tov!


Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780