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Nov. 16 Monday Night Lecture Series with Dr. Elissa Sampson

11/01/2015 08:42:58 PM


Please join us on November 16 at 7:00 PM for the upcoming Monday Night Lecture Series: A History of the Sixth Street Synagogue. Dr. Elissa Sampson will present how our synagogue was improbably established in 1940 as a new Orthodox congregation, long after the area’s Jewish population had peaked circa 1911. She will explore history’s little mysteries such as why Community Synagogue is called by that very name. And why, oh why, does the organ protrude into the ceiling—and why do we even have an organ?

We'll learn about our very special history as an integral part of a neighborhood that once was the world's largest Jewish city, in a building that reflects the Lower East Side’s past over time.

It's a free event, and pizza and beer will be served! RSVP by November 12 so we know how much to get:

Dr. Elissa Sampson, PhD Geography

Elissa Sampson is an urban geographer whose interests focus on how the past is actively used to create new geographies of migration, memory and heritage. Her research interests include Lower East Side migration; American Jewish culture; Triangle Fire commemoration, historical preservation; museums and heritage and the gentrification of global cities. She has lived most of her life on New York’s Lower East Side and has spent over twenty years showing the historic neighborhood and its living communities to visitors and residents.

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