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Kiddush On A Tuesday!

11/14/2014 08:23:25 AM


Is it Shabbos yet?

75+ revelers couldn’t wait and attended Sixth Street Community Synagogue’s first Kiddush on a Tuesday. The evening event featured a selection of single malt scotches, bourbon and rye, an impressive array of herring (two recipes freshly prepared by our own Rabbi Bellino) and a steady beat of klezmer.

Organized by Jacob Frommer and Eric Moed, Kiddush on a Tuesday was an event with a fishy mission: “Hello, herring appreciators,” said Frommer as he greeted the assembled crowd. In addition to providing a good excuse to gather for some weeknight fun, he said, traditional foods like herring unite generations and remind us of our cultural connections. 

Besides, if you thought you’d already tasted every flavor of herring, this spread set you straight. It took two tables to hold it all. BenZ’s Black Pepper Herring went especially quickly. Also popular: Hungarian, Dijon Mustard and Rabbi Bellino’s, Horseradish Beet and Sriracha Habañero Lime.

The highlight of the evening came late, when the klezmer playlist was replaced by live guitar and singing.

Special thanks to the event’s official seltzer sponsor, Hal's New York

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