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CholentFest VI, The Lineup

02/01/2019 12:20:23 PM



CholentFest - our annual Cholent competition - is back for a sixth year! We are especially grateful to Eli Szus and Rabbi Bellino for organizing this event, as well as to our many friends who have prepared 16 cholents. Join us for Kiddush this Shabbat, February 2nd, and taste them all!


Cho Bamba
By Choni Bellino & his Bros
This Cho has Barley! Beans! Meat!
And Kishka just for show.
This is Choni, and this Cho is not a joke.
If you eat this Cho then your mind is gonna blow!

VanderBrunch Gruels
By Ke$het Bellino

A SURving of caddy deliciousness that will PUMP you up.
Without the goat cheese balls.
It will steal your heart, like Jax steals sunglasses.
Try not to stain your OOTD as you raise your glasses high.

Southern Roots
By Dr. Jeremy Block

Any good southern meal in winter includes this 3-S combination:
Smoke, Spice, and Stout.
Unlike Cholents of other regions, this one includes
crops and root vegetables found in the Piedmont region
of North Carolina. Y'all Enjoy!

Baby's First Chulent
By Aliyah & Jonah Henry Gluckstadt
Featuring lamb, veal and fresh beer,
Baby carrots and baby corn are all in here.
A chef just as tasty as you can clearly see,
Enjoy this first chulent from Jonah Henry!

Mofongo Mo’ Problems
By Francesca Macaluso & Gavriel Bellino
A Dominican Man-Jew
that will make her scream, “¡Ay Papi!”

Cool Kids
By Zachary Neugut & Emma Sukenik

Dutch Cholent.

Cholent Pot Pie
By David Neuhaus
Cholent pie.  Let that sink in.

Israeli Style Cholent
By Fern Penn

Slightly spicy and slightly sweet.
A taste of Israel, minus the 9½ hour flight.

Static and Ben El TaCori present: Choco Bom!
By Cori Robinson & Hashem
This award winning Cholent goes Israeli Hip Hop.
Dessert and vegetarian friendly, you’ll be screaming
“Choco Bom” “Gumigam” and “Tudu Bom” whilst you grab
a Barbie and dream of K’ish Echad.

(Cho)Lend Me Your Appetite
By Jared Rosen & Adeena Chefitz
No nonsense in this simmering pot
of meat, meat, and meat.

By Efraim & Adam Saltzman

Now this is the story all about how
My chulent got flipped, turned upside down.
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I became
the chulent prince of Bellino.

Orez Con Pollo
By Haim Shechtman
Chicken and rice with beans and sweet potatoes
(because cholent). This dish promises to keep you
warm on a cold winter's day. Satisfaction guaranteed
or your money back.

The One for Your Veg Friend
By Aliza & Naomi Sternstein

The title says it all.

The Handmade Tale
By Eli Szus
This dystopian tale tells the story of red beans
forced into a cholent by the hand of God.
Blessed be the fruit. (May the Lord open...)

By David Waxman

Flatbush Gruel
By Elie Yudewitz
A activistic Midwood cholent in a Zelda sheitel.
Despised by her local Va’ad, this gruel fights
on behalf of the marginalized, breaks down all
sorts of social barriers, and inspires thoughtful
conversation; all while being pleasant, funny,
and pretend ditzy on social media


This is NOT a cholent eating contest. Prizes will be given to Best Cholent (Judged), Best Cholent (People's Choice), Best Decorations (Judged), Best Nontraditional Cholent (Judged). For more information, please e-mail Eli Szus.

Mon, December 16 2019 18 Kislev 5780