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Moving Forward

10/29/2018 08:40:17 PM



Greetings Friends,

We hear and share your feelings of intense heartbreak, furious disgust, and devastating vulnerability. Sixth Street Synagogue leadership feels your sadness for this unspeakable loss, your anger at the social/political climate that enables such hatred, and your concern for your own community’s safety.


Please know that over the past 48 hours we have been in continuous contact with local law enforcement. Additionally, we have spent the entire summer planning a major $75,000 security upgrade which will be implemented over the next several weeks. Finally, we ask you to continue to be vigilant.


As a community, we strive to be open-minded, welcoming and engaging, and we pride ourselves on our lively and thoughtful gatherings. We will not be stymied in these efforts. We believe that  our strongest reaction to this tragedy must be to be more engaged with the broader community-at-large, to strengthen our resolve, and to increase our dedication to one another.


We ask that you continue to increase your commitment to community and synagogue by attending our many services and events.

  • Daven with us at our daily morning minyan.
  • Join us tomorrow night, when Richard McBee will present his “Top Ten” classic artistic depictions of the Akeidah. There will be art, discussions, pizza and beer.
  • Learn with us on Wednesday night as Rabbi Bellino teaches the Foundations of Shabbat as well as his class on Rabbinic Story Telling.
  • Spend Shabbat with us as we take time to remember those lives lost, but also as we proceed as usual, with beautiful davening, lively children’s programming, and delicious kiddushes following both Friday Night and Saturday morning services.
  • Join us next Thursday night, as we celebrate the wonderful art of Jessica Tamar Deutsch.

We look forward to seeing you in shul, and - as always - feel free to communicate any concerns or feelings with us. We are here to listen.


Gavriel Z. Bellino

Tali Zilberman

Elie Yudewitz

Alan G. Schwartz

Mon, December 16 2019 18 Kislev 5780