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CholentFest 2018/5778 - Menu

02/02/2018 08:56:44 AM


CholentFest 2018/5778 is tomorrow!

We are grateful to Eli Szus - our organizer -
as well as to our 15 chefs who have
undoubtedly prepared super bowls of cholent.


Montana's Cholent
By Montana Azuelos
A typical Moroccan cholent.
Crockstar by Post MaChone
By Choni Bellino

Oyy, I've been soakin’ beans
and choppin' chilis,
Man, I feel just like a crockstar!
Oyy, Oyy, all my brothers got that gas,
And I’m like a balabustar.
We All Scream for Cholent
By Gavriel Bellino

A stewpid mix of deliciousness that will have us all scream.
Rainbow Stew-Nicorn
By Ke$het Bellino

A delicious cholent, so sparkly and unique, it might not even be real.
23 Spices and Me
By Aliyah Gluckstadt

Just like me, this chulent is 74% Ashkenazi Jewish, 21% Italian, 3% Middle Eastern and North African, and 2% European. But it's 100% delicious. Enjoy salami from Genoa, Moroccan spices, and no dairy whatsoever our genes don't handle it well.
I’m Coming Home
By Elijah Marks

I'm Coming Home, I'm coming home,
tell the world I'm coming home.
Everything Cholent
By David Neuhaus

Cholent in the morning, Cholent in the evening, Cholent at supper time. When Cholent's on a bagel, now you're entirely too Jewish!
By Fern Penn

Parlez vous Francais,je t'aime cassoulet
Salt-n-Pepa Cholent
By Cori “Spindarella” Robinson

Let's talk about the body like Arnold with a Denzel braise; Chocolate chip, honey dip, come and get a shtick Just MUSH it because this cholent is dope, dope, dope.
By Haim Shechtman

Barley-free cholent. It will keep you warm, but you probably shouldn't wear it.
Cholent from Above (The Balcony)
By Stanley Allan Sherman

Liberal secret herbs and other stuff from Stanley's kitchen tossed into a pot...mostly Organic.
The Heart of a Bean
By Eli Szus

At the heart of every cholent is the lowly bean.
And at the heart of that bean is the true soul of the cholent.
Good Chulent
By Jeremy Watman

A chulent the way your mom made it, but without the onion soup mix.
By David Waxman

Suzanne's Moroccan Hamin (Dafina)
By Susan Zilberman

The Zilberman interpretation of Morocco's finest Shabbat Hamin.
Il faut le goûter!!

Fri, August 17 2018 6 Elul 5778