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Rosh HaShana Seating

09/05/2021 06:14:49 PM



The seating for Rosh HaShana is now complete.  I have made every effort to preserve your regular seats and maintain some extra distance. These seats may not be your Yom Kippus seats... (It's complicated).

Please familiarize yourselves with the map so that you may find your seats efficiently. Click here for the map and list. As always, your names can be found on your seats. The balcony is mostly unassigned and available to you, should you prefer it.

Masks are mandatory for all with the exception of our isolated baalei tefilla, baal shofar (me), and speakers (mostly me).

Mistakes happen, so let me know if you see any.


Shana Tova,



Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784