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In-Person Megillah Readiing

02/18/2021 03:36:57 PM


Dear Friends,

Purim begins next Thursday night. In light of the global pandemic, this year's observance is going to be a different sort of complicated than that in years past.

We believe that the preservation of health is *the* Halakhic priority and we have acted boldly and diligently to reduce the risk of exposure. Our decisions and procedures are made in collaboration with our medical committee that reviews local positivity rates, city-wide hospitalization rates, and the latest CDC guidelines.

These are exceptional times and so exceptions can and should be made. We will - of course - read the Megillah in synagogue, but we will simultaneously broadcast it over Zoom. We side with the Torah authorities who believe that the performance of this Mitzvah over Zoom is perfectly acceptable.

We also understand the emotional and spiritual interest in hearing the Megillah in person. To this end, we plan to re-open the synagogue for both evening and morning Megillah readings. Attendance will be limited and registration will be mandatory. The frequency and operations of the readings will depend on local positivity rates, as well as community interest. Details will be sent upon registration. You may register here.

Be sure to contact us with any questions.

Gavriel Bellino, Rabbi
Elie Yudewitz, President

Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784