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Purim 5780

02/12/2020 05:15:23 PM


Purim is less than 4 weeks away! Here's a quick preview of our upcoming shenanigans.

  • Purim Chaos: The Committee for Purim Chaos is actively plotting various chaotic activities, but needs some financial support as well as assistance in setting up. For more information and/or to sponsor something, please click to our Purim Chaos page.
  • Shabbat Zachor (March 6-7) - Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Aaron Koller: Please join us on the shabbat before Purim when we will welcome Dr. Aaron Koller, as our Shabbat Scholar-in-Residence. Dr. Koller has recently published a book on Esther and is a personable and fascinating speaker. He's even a bit controversial. Please visit the event page for more info and to register for the dinner.
  • Kids' Pre-Purim Party (March 8): Join the Community Kinderlach on Sunday, March 8th, at 10:30 AM, for the annual Kids' Pre-Purim Party, which will include brunch, balloons, facepaint, games, make your own rainbow hamantashen, a sing-along with Rabbi Bellino, and much more. Click here to register.
  • Purim Night (March 9) - Maariv/Megillah Reading (at 7:00 PM), which will immediately be followed by our Purim Party. The party will conclude at 11:00 PM.
  • Purim Day (March 10) - Shacharit on Tuesday morning will be at 7:30 AM followed by Megillah at 8:00 AM.
  • Purim Charity: Matanot L'evyonim is arguably the most important Mitzvah of Purim. This year, we are again proud to partner with Rabbi Zvi Romm of the Bialystoker Synagogue, Rabbi Joe Wolfson of JLIC-NYU and the NYU community, the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, as well as Knock Knock Give a Sock, in providing gifts to those in the region who truly need our assistance. To make a donation click here.

Be sure to contact us with any questions.

Gut Purim! Gut Purim! Gut Purim!

Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780