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How long till next year?

12/31/2018 06:20:46 PM


Dear Friends,

I know these emails are the worst, so here's the short version... If you are able to extend your end-of-year generosity to include our unique synagogue, please do so now.

Your generosity would go a long way in sustaining our unique brand of kind, thoughtful, and "extra" Orthodox Judaism. By "kind" I mean our welcoming atmosphere, our spirit (and demand) of inclusion, as well as our numerous charitable efforts and support. With "thoughtful," I refer to our academic style classes and sermons, our beautiful art, our wonderful children's programming, as well as our carefully curated visiting scholars. Finally, by "extra" I mean our renewal of our 175 year old building, our patently unique endless swag, our hilarious internet presence, our delcious Friday Night Kiddushes, our glowstick guitar havdalahs, and everything else that makes our synagogue like no other.

To make a contribution, please go the synagogue’s donation page. This is also the appropriate time to honor your open commitments to the synagogue and to pay any outstanding balances. Please remember that in order to maximize your 2018 tax benefits, contributions and payments must be made no later than 11:59 PM.

Thank you for your generous support and commitment.

To even more "Extra Orthodoxy" in 2019,
Gavriel Z. Bellino

Mon, May 27 2019 22 Iyyar 5779