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Kol Nidrei

10/09/2018 02:15:46 PM


Greetings friends,

With the conclusion of the month of Tishrei - and with it the High Holy Day season - so will conclude our Kol Nidrei fundraising campaign. To those of you who have participated and/or scheduled the payments of your pledge, we are deeply grateful for your support. You may stop reading this email.

If you haven't yet pledged to our Kol Nidrei appeal, won’t you please consider doing so? Your support would go a long way in sustaining and improving this growing community and its 173 year old building.

If you found our observance of this holiday season meaningful, or if you are generally appreciative of the good work we’re up to, please act now.

To make a donation to our Kol Nidrei Appeal, please go to the donation page on our website (please use the charge type 'Kol Nidrei Appeal'), or send a check to: Sixth Street Community Synagogue, 325 East Sixth Street, New York, NY, 10003.


We are grateful to you for your support,

Alan Schwartz, Treasurer
Gavriel Bellino, Rabbi

Wed, June 19 2019 16 Sivan 5779