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Father's Day Kiddush

06/14/2024 04:42:37 PM


Tomorrow we will hold our Annual Father's Day Kiddush! (If you wish to be included, please click here.) We are grateful to the following sponsors:


Choni Bellino, Keshet Bellino, & Cori Robinson

*In Honor of Gavriel Bellino and Victor Bellino,

*In Memory of Sigmund Robinson, Earl Simmons (DMX), and Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (Coolio)

Norma & Victor Bellino

*In Honor of Gavriel Bellino and Victor Bellino.  

*In Memory of Ziggy Robinson, Sydney Smith and Vito Bellino

Avi Beluca

*In Memory of his father, Meir ben Avraham

Kenny & Dina Canfield
*In Honor of Shalom Benzaquen
*In Memory of Doug Canfield

Ellen R. Cherrick
*In Memory of William Cherrick ז“ל, Moshe Chaim Katz ז“ל, and Shlomo Moshe Cherrick ז“ל
Suzanne Dance, Harry Obin, & Nina Obin
*In Honor of Andrew Obin
*In Memory of Mark Dance

Cantor Raphael Frieder
*In Memory of his father, HaRav Emanuel Elimelech Frieder

Jackie, Samson, Rocky, & James Moby Furst
• In Honor of Zev Furst & Neil Kay

Steven Greene
*In memory of his mother, Edna Greene, and his father, Hyman Greene

Vivian, Sean, Marlowe, Vivian Rose, & Betty Ray Klaus

• In Honor of Mr. Arthur Klaus, Mr. Richard Cohen,  Mr. Ryan Klaus and Mr. Richie Dayon

• In Memory of Rabbi Benjamin Levy, Mr. Samuel Klaus, Mr. Lester Klaus, Mr. Willie Chomsky, Mr. Simcha Perski,  Mr. Jacob Attias, and Eli Nachmani

Ariel & Jordan Lerman

*In Honor of Nathan Lerman and Amir Matityahu

Richard & Phoebe McBee
*In Honor of Richard McBee and Matthew Hertzberg

*In Memory of Julius Zablow and Carl McBee

Joan Nachmani

• In Honor of Michael Nachmani, Jonathan Nachmani, Ryan Klaus, and Mr. William Perski

• In Memory of Eli Nachmani, Mr. Simcha Perski, Mr. Jacob Attias, Rabbi Benjamin Levy, and Mr. Samuel Klaus

Brenda Pace

• In Memory of Dr. Martin L. Kaye

• In Honor of Matthew Pace and Jonathan Wimbish


The Rosenfeld Family

• In Honor of Bezalel Rosenfeld


Isobel Rubin

• In Memory of Alexander Byer

The Ruffer Family

• In Honor of Paul Ruffer

Alan Schwartz

*In Memory of his father, William Schwartz, and his grandfathers, Moshe Schwartz and Mordechai Shlomo Konigsberg

Yael Scolnick

*In Toleration of Yael's current and future boyfriends

Pnina Silver

*In Honor of Abraham Elie,Yosef Elie, and Cory Baker.

*In Memory of Dr.William Silver, Menashe Elie, Yosef Elie, Abraham Goldman, and Eitan Davis

Daniela Sirotti
*In Memory of Giulio Sirotti

*In honor of Giorgio Sirotti e Lorenzo Scapin

Stephanie & Isaac Wald

*In Honor of Jason Wald

Shelly, Elie, Naya, Liat, & Chachi Yudewitz

*In Honor of Avraham Shetrit, Eli Samra, Abe Samra, Abe Krikhely, Aryea Aranoff, Bruce, Uri, Elie & Efraim Yudewitz

*In Honor of everyone who calls Elie "Tatty"



Email for more information.

Happy Father's Day
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784