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Mother's Day Kiddush

05/12/2023 03:57:38 PM


Tomorrow we will hold our Annual Mother's Day Kiddush! We are grateful to our many sponsors. Happy Mother's Day. You can still participate by clicking here. Happy Mother's Day!

Cori Robinson, Gavriel, Choni & Ke$het Bellino
*In Honor of Norma Bellino & Cori Robinson
*In Memory of Accursia Bellino & Peggy Robinson

Victor & Norma Bellino
*In Honor of Norma Bellino & Cori Robinson
*In Memory of Accorsi Bellino, Gertrude Smith, Jean Goldberg, & Peggy Robinson

Avi Beluca
*In Memory of Tzippora Beluca

Maura Berkelhamer
*In Honor of Elizabeth Berkelhamer

Dina & Kenny Canfield
*In Honor of Miriam Benzaquen & Gwenn Canfield

Ellen R. Cherrick
*In Memory of Udy Katz Cherrick ז“ל, Chaya Liba Cherrick ז“ל,  & Eva Katz Feigenbaum ז“ל
Gloria Epstein & Zachary Dukoff
*In Honor of Sharyn Dukoff, Marilyn Dukoff, Roslyn Jacobson, & Lilya Epstein

Samson, Rocky & James Moby Furst
*In Honor of Jackie Furst
*In Memory of Rhoda Kay & Sandy Furst

Michael Gluckstadt
*In Honor of Aliyah Gluckstadt, Mother of Dragons

Kenneth Grumer
*In Memory of Ana Grumer

Knock Knock Give a Sock
*In honor of our neighbors who are mothers living in local homeless shelters and on our streets

Matan Leibovich
*In Memory of: Ida Leibovich, Anna Gelber, Tova Springer.
*In Honor of: Miri Leibovich, Efrat Ben-Avi, Lihie Katziri , Moriya Bienenstock

Rhonda, David, Annielle, Talia, & Ilan Malkin
*In Honor of Rhonda Malkin, Rachel Malkin, Sharon Bernstein,  & Carole Basri.
*In Memory of Thelma Bernstein  & Anne Dann Luborsky

Richard McBee
*In Memory of Clara Danziger, Adele Zablow, & Ruth McBee
*In Honor of Phoebe McBee, Nora Zablow, Julia McBee, Sandy Hertzberg

Joan Nachmani
*In Honor of Michelle Nachmani, Rebecca Nachmani,  Vivian Klaus, Marlowe Klaus, Lillian Stein, Peggy Epstein, & Leslie Perski
*In Memory of Mrs. Pesia  Perski, Mrs. Chana Nachmani, Mrs. Gertrude Levy, & Mrs. Bessie Klaus

Suzanne Dance & Andrew Obin
*In Honor of Suzanne Dance, Tamara Pankova,  & Dee Dance
*In Memory of Suzana Obuvalina

Brenda Pace
*In Memory of Ruth Spitzer Kaye

Victoria Scolnick
*In Honor of Althea Levine & Yael Scolnick

Isobel Rubin
*In Honor of Ariela Rubin
*In Memory of Augusta Byer

Danielle Schaefer
*In Honor of Pam Schaefer
*In Memory of Anne Goetz , Marce Schaefer, Sarah Keshlonsky & Rose Keshlonsky

Alan G. Schwartz
*In Honor of Bernice Schwartz & Robin Schwartz-Jacobs
*In Memory of Matel Schwartz ז“ל  & Frimit Konigsberg ז“ל

Pnina Silver
*In Honor of Yael Baker
*In Memory of Helen Silver, Rachel Elie, & Sheila Davis

Sharon & Bruce Yudewtiz
*In Honor of Shelly Samra Yudewitz, Rachel Stern Yudewitz, Jessica Gould Yudewitz & Gila Yudewitz.

Shelly & Elie Yudewitz
*In Honor of Sharon Yudewitz, Yaffa Samra, Selma Yudewitz, Simcha Samra, Bernice Danis, Zahari Shitrit, Sharon Krikhely, Rachel Yudewitz, Jessica Yudewitz, Liron Samra, Shelly Yudewitz, & your Mom


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