Purim is 3 Days Away!

03/08/2017 05:39:44 PM


Dear Friends:

Purim, now 3 days away, is being planned by the Committee for Purim Dysfunction. Allow me to take this opportunity to provide you with some sense of the schedule as well as various volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.

Taanit Esther, March 9 - Since Purim falls on a Saturday night, the fast will be observed on Thursday, March 9. The fast begins at 4:57 AM and generally concludes at 6:27 PM. Of course, the force of law is (barely) Rabbinic, so the fast may be broken at Sunset (5:56 PM) should you experience discomfort.

Purim begins on Saturday night, March 11, as Shabbat concludes. Shabbat will end at 6:39 PM, and we will hold off on Maariv until 7:15 PM, with Megilla shortly thereafter. Immediately following our services, the entire congregation is invited to join us for our Purim Celebration. We look forward to our friends from the University of Purim joining us at approximately 10:00 PM. The party will end at some point before morning services.

The theme for Purim this year is a loving tribute to our own neighborhood, entitled "Lower East Side Disturbed." Come dressed as your favorite Lower East Side immigrant, rabbi, pickle, convict, landlord, artist, or victim! Or wear whatever costume you like. You do you. This is where individuality was born.

We will return on Sunday morning for Shacharit at 8:30 AM, and Megilla at 9:00 AM. There will be a Kids' Purim Party at 10:00 AM. Please RSVP here.

Matanot LaEvyonim: Gifts to the poor is arguably the most important Mitzvah of Purim. This year, we are proud to partner with Rabbi Zvi Romm of the Bialystoker Synagogue as well as Rabbi Joe Wolfson of JLIC-NYU and the NYU community in providing gifts to those in the region who truly need our assistance. Please consider generously donating to Rabbi Bellino's Discretionary Fund on the website. Be sure to specify that this donation is for Purim Charity.

Your help: There's a lot of schlepping, decorating, supervising, drink mixing, and cleaning to be done. We are also in need of bar, beer, and snack sponsors (To be a sponsor of the Purim chaos, please go to the donate page and select the charge type 'Purim Chaos').

Gut Purim!

Fri, April 20 2018 5 Iyyar 5778